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Nico Castel's monumental Opera Libretti Series has become an invaluable resource for many of the world's leading singers and coaches.


At last! A definitive reference book for singers, directors, students and virtually anyone interested in understanding opera. I can't think of anyone more qualified to author such an undertaking than Nico Castel, with his remarkable command of languages and all of their nuances. My own working relationship with Nico began in the early 70's and continues to this day. His assistance has been invaluable to me for all of my roles in the Italian, French and German repertoire, most recently Wotan in Wagner's Ring cycle. He started with me on day one of that project and it is impossible to imagine what the outcome would have been without his help. Thank you, Nico.

--Jame Morris, bass-baritone, Metropolitan Opera

They should build a statue to Nico Castel at the Metropolitan Opera! For the last eleven years I have worked with him any and every time I had an important engagement. I have performed all over the world from Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Paris and London to New York and have done so with much greater confidence for having coached every word, every nuance, every shape and color of pronunciation with Nico Castel. He is an astonishingly gifted performer and his gifts as a teacher are unsurpassed! Best of all, he does this with a brilliant sense of humor. These books must surely be a most important part of any serious musician's library. To my knowledge, there isn't anyone else who has contributed study aids of this magnitude to those of us who want to spend a lifetime learning.

--Sylvia McNair, soprano, Metropolitan Opera

Thank you for your libretto translations. What you have done and are doing with this project rocks and establishes my generation of American singers as well as generations to come. What an awesome undertaking! With this project you will help create singer-actors and help to empower them with confidence in knowing what they are singing and how they are to say it. With this bible of information you will make singers accountable for this knowledge. I say this from my heart.

--Earl Patriarco, baritone, Metropolitan Opera

The staggering amount of information in the pages that follow could only have been achieved by one who has dedicated his life to the search for knowledge, and found it! I have never met a language scholar whose scope is as broad-ranging, whose enthusiasm is as inexhaustible, whose sheer joy as infectious. This is a collection of real work, by a man who is himself a real gift.

--Richard Croft, tenor, Metropolitan Opera

My good friend and colleague of many years, Nico Castel, has undertaken the Herculean task of writing translations and phonetic transcriptions of practically every opera in the current repertoire. It is an undertaking that has engaged the passion so typical of him. These books will become the standard by which a new generation of singers can better understand and interpret their opera roles in a way that was never practicably possible heretofore. Bravo, Nico, for this invaluable legacy!

--Placido Domingo, tenor/conductor, Metropolitan Opera