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Ordering Information


Ordering Information
Operatic Libretti Series volumes can be ordered directly from the publisher at:
Leyerle Publications
Executive Offices
28 Stanley Street
Mt. Morris, New York, 14510
Fax: 716-658-3298
Phone: 716-658-2193
Website: www.leyerlepublications.com
Email: leyerlew@rochester.rr.com

The Libretti Series can also be obtained through the Juilliard Bookstore and the T.I.S. Music Catalog.

The Libretti Series, along with A Singer's Manual of Spanish Lyric Diction and The Nico Castel Ladino Songbook, can be found at:

Classical Vocal Reprints
Classicial Vocal Reprints is an excellent and comprehensive source for operatic vocal resources, but due to the way the site is organized by composer, it can be difficult to find the Libretti series, so it might be easier to just give them a call.